With the majority of call traffic moving to mobile, it has been more and more difficult to know who is calling before answering. With PredictiveCaller's ability to associate a name and address to that caller, everything from CRM screen population to customized scripting is now possible.


After identifying, we overlay hundreds of data points to build a complete profile of that potential customer. This profile including data such as credit, home ownership, purchasing habits is used for better insight on the caller.


With a complete profile, PredictiveCaller can now apply custom predictive models to identify those callers with a higher probability to meet conversion goals. Our Intelligent Routing prioritizes the more valuable callers along with the best call center or agent to receive call.

Which caller is more valuable to your business?

Create valuable customer insight before your first contact.

The main focus of call centers and those that utilize them, has always been to maximize the performance of their agents based on their ability to monetize the conversion of phone calls to sales. Hundreds of thousands of dollars have been spent in the quest for perfect agent tracking and optimization, with little to no in-depth focus on the caller. It has been difficult at best to validate if a caller is a viable prospect before allocating call center resources, until now.

PredictiveCaller leverages its ability to identify and append data to create a complete caller profile and the probability of conversion before it ever reaches an agent. Utilizing our custom predictive models, businesses can prioritize which call is most likely to purchase their products and services.

Everyone is different; this is true for prospects and agents alike. In addition to identifying those calls with the highest value, our Intelligent Routing platform can map any call center and agent performance with previous caller profiles. This allows for the perfect pairing, most likely resulting in a sales conversion.

Available data on inbound callers

Credit / Financial
Credit / Financial
Credit Score
Aggregated Credit
Outstanding Debt
Bank Card Usage

Household Demographic
Household Demographic
Presence of Children
Marital Status

Property Information
Property Information
Age of Property
Home Ownership
Bed & Baths
Square Footage

Interests and Hobbies
Interests and Hobbies
Activity Data
Lifestyle Information
Sports and Recreation
Arts and Literature

Occupation and Education
Occupation and Education
Career Level
Yearly Income
Education Level
Schools Attended

Travel and Leisure
Travel and Leisure
Traveling Interests
Hotel Preferences
Spending History
Sports and Events

Geographical Data
Geographical Data
State and County Information
Census Data
Telephony Switching Data
Neighborhood Data

Social Media
Social Media
Social Media Profiles
Activity and Usage
Social Media Pressence
Associated Individuals

Purchaser Data
Purchaser Data
Buying Behavior and Patterns
Online Shopping
Transactional Information
Automotive Purchases
This represents a high level overview of the different types of data used to identify and evaluate inbound phone calls. Our data resources allow for over 1,000 data elements to be leveraged in our processes.

What about us?

Predictive Caller is the premier provider for realtime analytics and decisioning for inbound marketing and sales calls prior to agent or IVR interaction. Through the aggregation and development of hundreds of data points we identify callers via phone number, create a profile and provide decisioning result that best achieve our customers goals.